15 Great Reasons to Use Hardwood Flooring

Written by oraisoopoopo

If you’re budget for flooring is limited, you may think that hardwood flooring is out of the question as it’s often pricey. But haven’t you ever wondered why it’s always the most popular flooring options among all socio-economic classes? It’s been popular for as long as we can remember. In fact, there’s hardly any period in time that hardwood was ever considered unpopular.

You have to think of hardwood flooring as an investment. Here’s a list of the returns you get for the money you invest:

  1. There’s a lot of variety among hardwood options. This means you can get the look you want and the wood with the features you care about. You can even find affordable options that can fit your budget. You can make a list of attributes you want for your hardwood, and there will be a type of hardwood that will provide everything you want.

  2. It’s gorgeous. You can just compare it side by side with concrete to see the beauty of hardwood for your flooring. Who actually wants an ugly floor?

  3. It can last for a very long time. You don’t count the lifespan of hardwood flooring in years—you count it in decades. Plenty of hardwood types are extremely durable, and you can find some that are resistant to insect damage and moisture. As an added bonus, the wood actually becomes even more appealing as more time passes.

  4. Cleaning the hardwood is no trouble at all. You can just vacuum it regularly and mop it every once in a while. There’s not much dirt to remove, since the wood doesn’t really accumulate too much debris, dirt, and dust.

  5. It’s a hygienic option. Again, that’s because it doesn’t lead to the buildup of dirt and dust. If you have a baby, you won’t feel too worried having the tot crawling all over the floor.

  6. It’s great for those with allergies to dust. Again, the dust doesn’t really build up in the hardwood. So if you’re prone to sniffles due to the dust, hardwood must be considered over carpeting for your flooring.

  7. It’s stain-resistant as well. That’s due to the protective layer of finish applied to the wood of your flooring.

  8. Hardwood smells nice. They’re not like carpets that can trap unpleasant odors from spilled food and pets.

  9. You can bring it back to life easily. If the hardwood does lose is looks after years of wear and tear, you don’t have to replace it. The scratches, scuffs, and dents can easily be remedied by sanding and refinishing the floor. It’s very rare to require actual replacement of the hardwood.

  10. The cost of sanding and sealing is quite affordable. It’s much better for your budget than refitting carpets, for example.

  11. Hardwood will never go out of style. When you’re decorating your home, it can be annoying to constantly upgrade your wallpaper and paint because of changing trends in interior design. But you will never have to worry about the trendiness of hardwood. It has always been a fashionable choice, and it will never become uncool.

  12. Hardwood offers a nice warm feeling. It’s certainly homey, relaxing, and welcoming. It’s a stark contrast to the coldness of stone for your flooring.

  13. You get better acoustics. You won’t have to worry about vibrations and hollow sounds. So it works very well when you have a conversation or playing music, as you won’t have to suffer from too much noise.

  14. It’s simple enough to install. This is especially true for those with experience.

  15. It’s great if you’re selling your home. When you have hardwood floors, it’s more attractive to buyers and you get more offers. You also tend to attract higher offers as well.

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