A Safe Way to Jump into the eCommerce Fray

Written by oraisoopoopo

Reports show that as many as 204,000 emails are sent each minute of the day.  Over 140,000 new websites are created daily leading to new businesses opening, new information being presented and new scams perpetrated almost as fast as the new shops open.  We are facing cyber threats now more than ever before and even Fortune 500 companies find themselves negotiating to retrieve their files that have been held by ransomware.

As scary as that may seem, there is still a way to fulfill your desire for a secure online business, and that is by taking advantage of Groupons for NameCheap.  They offer full service domain management including full-featured hosting packages, SSL that’s secure and certified, WhoisGuard privacy protection and all the things you’ll need to help you sleep at night.  And as you grow, they have the capacity to support that expansion.  Their expertly trained and professional customer representatives will be happy to assist you and patiently answer your questions.  There will be no horror stories about paying money to a company that is not legit, scamming you for money and never delivering the goods.  NameCheap provides help for any question or concern you may have within 24 hours day and night.  Many entrepreneurs are surprised to find it can take hours to set up and manage a professional website.  But once it’s up and running it can be a real boon to business. NameCheap helps walk you through the intricate steps of this important phase of your business so you can feel confident when you hand over your card with your web address on it that it will work.  No broken links, slow loading pages or trust busting check outs.

Owning a business is the dream of millions of Americans, and they are turning to NameCheap to help fulfill that dream.  They are offering domain names for as little as .88 cents when you use a Groupon code and 15% off their professional hosting plans.  Search their site now to see all the great deals for yourself.  If you’ve hesitated to start your online presence, you could be losing out on local and national connections.  And they say he who hesitates is lost.  So don’t get lost in the shuffle.  Trust your branding to the experts at NameCheap to handle your website needs.  Their name may be Cheap, but the quality of their service and expertise is priceless.

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