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I Prefer to Focus on Leasing Properties As a Whole

Written by Mark Hoppus

My parents were real estate agents for decades. Mom and dad were also brokers who owned their own business. They made a lot of money at it, but that’s because of how intelligent and dedicated they were. When they passed away, the business was passed down to my brother and I. I have never been good at selling homes, but I have always done really well with rental housing and I excel at that. I love the simplicity of the job and how much money it brings in, rather than all the details that come with actually selling homes. I’ll let my brother continue to do well at that and stick with what I love best.

Dad was the one who liked to sell homes more than my mom did. Mom did well, but she was just like me in that she liked to focus more on renting places out to people. When you sell a home, that’s a lot of things to do before you actually make the sale. You have to make sure that your customers can even afford to buy a home, and that can take some time. (more…)

Wanting to Winter in Florida and Yet Keep Our Home Up North

Written by Mark Hoppus

We desperately wanted a winter home. That kind of luxury is a privilege for some, but it was becoming a necessity for us due to the cold winters we have. Our family and ties were up north, but the winters were really working on us. We could not afford to buy and maintain a separate house to live in down in Florida, so we looked for apartments for rent in South Tampa instead. We wanted to find a nice place that we could work into our budget if we cut some corners. There are places you can rent temporarily for this kind of thing, but we wanted to keep a place year round.

The places you can rent for a few months at a time are kind of high in rent. We would rather take the money to keep a place year round. Also, we wanted our own stuff in the apartment. We wanted our own bed that no one else would be sleeping in. (more…)

Perfectly Content with My New Home

Written by Mark Hoppus

When I had to find a new apartment because of my roommate getting married, I decided to look at 1 bedroom apartments in Murfreesboro TN. I knew that I would save money if I looked for a two bedroom and got a new roommate, but I was ready to live on my own. I needed a roommate when I first got an apartment because I didn’t have a lot of money, but that was no longer a problem because of the great job I have. I decided that living on my own would definitely be a lot better for me this time around.

I was not looking for anything fancy or in the middle of the city. (more…)

A Perfectly Secluded House for Me

Written by Mark Hoppus

I wanted to find a really nice house in Denver without spending a lot of time doing just that. I knew what I wanted, but I did not want to spend the time that most people would take to find the home of their dreams. Instead, I did a search for Kentwood Denver so I could find the best realtor in the area. I knew that I would be able to trust this person with finding what I wanted, especially since I had very specific things in mind. It did not take me long to find the real estate agent that I felt extremely comfortable with.

When we first met, it was obvious that he was very confident in what he does. That is exactly what I wanted, and I felt good about our initial conversation. I told him exactly what I wanted, which was a three bedroom house with at least three full baths, a bit of property, and nestled away so it actually has more privacy than one would expect from a home that is in Denver. (more…)

Good Apartments Available in Raleigh

Written by Mark Hoppus

I am moving back to Raleigh to try to finish my degree at North Carolina State University. I should have done this years ago, but I got a job after I first stopped going to college and so I spent a few years without being enrolled in college. I regret the decision, because I could have had a degree by now, and a better job. But I guess life is full of opportunities to learn from your mistakes. Right now, I am looking for apartments for rent in Raleigh and I want to find one that works well for my present situation.

I am going to have more financial aid this coming semester than the last semester I was in college, and so that should help me to get a bit of a better apartment than what I was in last time, I was in a pretty terrible apartment last time and had to suffer through a cockroach infestation for a few months while I was there. (more…)