Characteristics of a Good Home Builder

Written by oraisoopoopo

Finding a new home is a complex process than can be overwhelming. Whether you are designing your dream home or relocating, you want to find one of the best home builders to fit your needs. To help you choose, here are some characteristics of a good home builder.

Look for a builder who has been in the business for a while. Find out if he is licensed, if that is required in your area, and if he belongs to a trade association. Trade associations have continuing education requirements to ensure builders are up-to-date on the latest developments in the building industry. Most builders will supply a list of references so you can find out if past customers are satisfied. You can also check with subcontractors or others in the building industry for their opinion of the home builder.

It is important that the builder can communicate well with you throughout the entire building process. You may want to ask subcontractors or vendors if the builder communicates clearly with them. Most systems and appliances in a new home will come with warranties. The home should be under a structural warranty from the builder for 10 years and it should transfer to a new owner.

A good builder will show quality in workmanship and materials as well as in appliances and systems in the home. Quality can also be seen in energy efficiency practices that will provide long-term energy savings.






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