Golden Years in the Sun: How to Pick the Perfect Retirement House

Written by oraisoopoopo

You’ve worked and saved and sacrificed, and now you’re finally ready for retirement. Just kick back with a mai tai and call it a day, right? Well, it’s a little more complicated than that. You need to make sure you choose the right home to stay in, if you want your golden years to be peaceful and enjoyable. Choosing the right home is important, so make sure you weigh these aspects:


Location is Everything

You probably picked the location of your current home based on needs that no longer have to be met: school districts for the kids, proximity to work, etc. Now that you’re in retirement, it’s time to look for a place that meets one criteria only: where you’ll be the happiest. Keep an eye out for waterfront properties for sale if you enjoy the beach. You can even start up a new boating hobby to fill your newfound free time.


Live in Two Worlds

If you have the resources, it might be better to get two smaller homes instead of one big one. That way you could have a home up north for the summer months, and one closer to the equator for the winter months. You’ll never have to deal with snowed out roads again!

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