Good Apartments Available in Raleigh

Written by Mark Hoppus

I am moving back to Raleigh to try to finish my degree at North Carolina State University. I should have done this years ago, but I got a job after I first stopped going to college and so I spent a few years without being enrolled in college. I regret the decision, because I could have had a degree by now, and a better job. But I guess life is full of opportunities to learn from your mistakes. Right now, I am looking for apartments for rent in Raleigh and I want to find one that works well for my present situation.

I am going to have more financial aid this coming semester than the last semester I was in college, and so that should help me to get a bit of a better apartment than what I was in last time, I was in a pretty terrible apartment last time and had to suffer through a cockroach infestation for a few months while I was there. I feel like there should have been more done to get rid of the roach problem in a timely fashion, but I guess that they can be pretty hard to get rid of, especially if they are present in more than one unit in an apartment building, which is what I suspect was the case in this apartment building.

Anyway, I also want to make sure that I am able to find an apartment building that is located pretty close to campus, so that it will be easy for me to get back and forth between my classes and the apartment I am loving in. I want to start browsing available apartments on the internet and see what I can find. Hopefully I can go ahead and submit a rental application within the next few days.

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