He Wanted Computerized Pay Stubs

Written by Mark Hoppus

I have a man who does odds and ends around the house for me. One week, he may fix a broken fence, and the next week he may paint a room for me. I have several rental properties, so I am able to keep him occupied for at least 10 hours a week usually. He has other odd jobs as well, so it suits both of us just fine. When he asked me if I would consider looking at a real check stub generator he had found online, I asked him why. I had always paid him in cash, and he never had a problem with that.

He told me that he was still fine with me paying him in cash, but he needed proof that he was actually getting the money from me. He mainly needed it for tax reasons, so I completely understood. I am not that good with things on the computer, even though I do have one. My nephew comes over and does my books for me on the one in my living room, which is the only reason that I really have one. My contractor told me that it was very simple, and he offered to walk me through it.

I knew I could have asked me nephew to help me with it, but I decided to let my contractor show me since it was his pay stub. When he showed me the different fields to put the information in, I was surprised at how easy it was. It really does walk you through it, step by step, so there was no way for me to mess it up. It does not cost much money either, and I suppose it is good for both of us since we each have a copy of his work invoices now for our taxes. I may just join the technological age yet!

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