Home Resale Values: 5 Benefits of Planned Communities

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Home Resale Values: 5 Benefits of Planned Communities

Home Resale Values: 5 Benefits of Planned Communities

Planned communities are a big thing-a really big thing! They generally have a lot to offer the buyer. Of course, what appeals to you depends on your lifestyle, family, etc., but with such great benefits you’re bound to find something that suits your tastes. So, whether you’re new to an area or a long-time resident, this could be a smart option for you.

There’s a reason they’re called “planned communities. ” Whether you’re the “Type A” person who makes a list for everything or not, you can really appreciate all of the forethought that goes into planned communities. Long before lots are divided up, open houses are planned, or foundations are poured-planning takes place to determine what the end product will be for the perspective buyer. Great consideration is given to what amenities a buyer will be looking for during a home search-pool, tennis court or baseball field, jogging trail, nature preserve, good schools, senior-living or younger family appeal, shopping, churches, etc. The list can be endless! Yes-planning is a good thing, and developers are one step ahead of you-to give you just what you’re looking for-and more!

Managed oversight-a good thing. Planned communities generally have an oversight group, usually a corporate body, called a homeowner association (HOA). Homeowners pay a set fee and generally membership is not an option-when you buy into the community, you’re automatically a member of the HOA. They help maintain high standards of excellence to ensure your property-and the entire planned community will remain prime real estate.

Quality construction. Developers and builders of planned communities make sure that homes are top-notch in terms of building materials and other construction related issues. It’s not just your house, it’s their reputation! Builders want to ensure you’re a happy homeowner-not just from day one, but years down the road!

Pricing and design. It is the desire of developers and builders that pricing is competitive in planned communities. This makes the concept appealing for buyers. In addition, buyers always have some options-and depending on their budget, certain aspects of a home’s design can be customized and defined to the buyer’s specifications. Long gone are the days when the neighborhood takes on a “cookie cutter” appearance.

Common area curb appeal. When you drive through some communities do you get the feeling you’re in a very exclusive county club? That’s part of the plan! You can’t miss the manicured common areas, well-kept pools and playgrounds, immaculate hiking and jogging trails, and overall gorgeous landscaping, etc. This helps ensure your property value is maintained and your community is desirable place to live.

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