I Prefer to Focus on Leasing Properties As a Whole

Written by Mark Hoppus

My parents were real estate agents for decades. Mom and dad were also brokers who owned their own business. They made a lot of money at it, but that’s because of how intelligent and dedicated they were. When they passed away, the business was passed down to my brother and I. I have never been good at selling homes, but I have always done really well with rental housing and I excel at that. I love the simplicity of the job and how much money it brings in, rather than all the details that come with actually selling homes. I’ll let my brother continue to do well at that and stick with what I love best.

Dad was the one who liked to sell homes more than my mom did. Mom did well, but she was just like me in that she liked to focus more on renting places out to people. When you sell a home, that’s a lot of things to do before you actually make the sale. You have to make sure that your customers can even afford to buy a home, and that can take some time. Too often, you can spend time showing many places to customers, only to find out that their credit is not up to snuff for an actual home purchase. That typically doesn’t happen with rentals. Most people keep their credit clean enough so that they can at least rent something. So, most people who come to me qualify very easily.

I make sure that I treat my customers with respect. In turn, they often tell other people about me and my service. I used to need to advertise often to get business, but now, the service that I provide speaks for itself. Many new customers come to me to point out that I have been recommended by one of their friends or family members.

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