Luxurious & Soft – The Reindeer Hide

Written by oraisoopoopo

Despite the more rustic look of hide rugs or wall coverings, adding a reindeer hide throw to your family or living room furniture will add a splash of flair to your home. In past centuries, full animal hides were used as blankets and rugs in many homes, including mansions and palaces. One should also consider that a well processed animal hide can be a beautiful and luxurious addition, both for style and for comfort. The versatility and beauty of reindeer skin, for example, would make it perfect for throw blankets or throw rugs in nearly every room of your home.

Reindeer hide is naturally insular because each individual hair is hollow. This makes reindeer skin very warm and sumptuous to sink down into or cover up with. Naturally, the quality of the tanning process lends itself to the quality of the end result, so not all reindeer hides you find will be as supple or pliant as necessary for a blanket or a furniture throw. The less pliant reindeer hides can always be used as a throw rug, or even as a wall covering, making an insulated barrier against any stray cold wind trying to get through your walls. Even just for looks, a reindeer hide will add panache.

The color variations on reindeer hides leave a person with many visual choices, as no two hides are exactly alike. From nearly pure white to a startling combination of white and browns and grays, there are many different looks to choose from. A soft white and gray reindeer hide throw on a jet black sofa would make a startling and appealing contrast. Likewise, a light and dark brown reindeer rug on a dark or red hardwood floor would look simply stunning. With all the variations in the colors of reindeer hides, one can surely find just exactly what they are looking for.

Let us not forget that a wonderfully soft and pliant reindeer hide would make a perfect addition to bedrooms and guestrooms. Imagine the delight of your guests when they are shown their room and the first thing they see is a luxurious reindeer hide draped over a chair or the bed in their room – perhaps with a contrasting reindeer rug on the floor in front of a cozy chair. Even if your home has wall to wall carpeting, a reindeer rug would not detract from the beauty and style of the room.

A properly processed reindeer hide is supple and soft, and can be draped over furniture, bedding, and people just like a knit blanket. Forget all the pictures you have seen and stories you have heard of how stiff cured animal hides are. When done correctly, a hide can truly be a beautiful and pleasing addition to a home. Keep in mind, however, that there are special ways to care for and protect your reindeer hide to keep them beautiful for years. What a fabulous way to keep warm in the winter and even for those sometimes chilly summer nights.

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