Perfectly Content with My New Home

Written by Mark Hoppus

When I had to find a new apartment because of my roommate getting married, I decided to look at 1 bedroom apartments in Murfreesboro TN. I knew that I would save money if I looked for a two bedroom and got a new roommate, but I was ready to live on my own. I needed a roommate when I first got an apartment because I didn’t have a lot of money, but that was no longer a problem because of the great job I have. I decided that living on my own would definitely be a lot better for me this time around.

I was not looking for anything fancy or in the middle of the city. I just wanted a nice quiet environment, and that is exactly what I found with Summerlake Apartment Homes. I did like that there was a swimming pool as well as a fitness center on the grounds, but I also liked that there was a lake right there on the grounds as well picnic tables sprinkled throughout. It was like having the best of both worlds. It looks like it is more rural, but there are shops and restaurants not far from here, making it really convenient.

The apartments are really nice too. Perhaps my favorite part is having laundry hookups right in the apartment. There is a laundry center for those wanting that, but I wanted to be able to do mine right in my apartment. I also liked that the closets are really large, and I also have a private balcony. I am able to sit out there and just have a relaxing time looking at the lake or reading a good book. I might end up becoming more social as I get used to the area here more, but right now, I am perfectly content with my new home.

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