Property in Berlin – The Most in-Demand Commodity – Capitalize on It

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Property in Berlin - The Most in-Demand Commodity - Capitalize on It

Property in Berlin – The Most in-Demand Commodity – Capitalize on It

There is no time like the present. This applies to the property market in Berlin as it applies to other walks of life. Property in Berlin is the most in-demand commodity these days with construction only one-third of the present demand and not quite in a position to meet future demands. Berlin has outstripped London in terms of growth in real estate transactions and is the hot spot for Russian, British, French, Spanish and Italian property investors.

Couple this rising investor interest with an influx of immigrants and you have a situation where demand outstrips supply. The result is property prices have skyrocketed in the past year, fears of the Euro notwithstanding. Even then prices here are 50% of the prevailing property prices in Munich. This means there will be considerable appreciation in the coming period and investors can make windfall profits. For sellers too, the time is ripe to cash in by disposing off their properties at attractive prices.

In order to get the best deal, whether you are buying or selling, you must have a good idea of:

• Property in Berlin and price range: The range is from Euro 1000 per square metre in the lower segment to Euro 3500 in upmarket locations with good amenities. Properties in Spandau, Lichtenberg and Marzahn-Hellersdorf range between Euro 1000 and 2000. Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and Mitte districts have properties that command a price of about Euro 2500 to 5000. Luxury property in prime locations are priced in the range of Euro 5500 to 10000 per square metre.

• Administrative regulations in regard to buying or selling of property in Berlin.

• The buyer’s extent of interest.

• The seller’s extent of interest.

• The properties up for sale or for purchase in specific locations.

Selling or buying property in Berlin is not exactly a walk in the park if your aim is to maximize returns. You may easily get data about current prices and have a good idea of future short term trends but you may not be quite familiar with regulations. It is not easy for you to know how badly a buyer wants a piece of property or how urgently a seller wishes to dispose off his property. You may also not know about all the properties up for sale or about investors. This is where a real estate agency in Berlin proves invaluable. With years of experience and an intimate knowledge of local real estate markets, they are the ones you should approach if you want detailed information, guidance and assistance at all stages.

An established real estate agency in Berlin has a code of ethics and commits itself fully to a client, whether the transaction is one of sale or purchase. Professional realtors operate with transparency and honesty, keeping your interests at heart and aiming to get the best deal and help you capitalize on the current demand in real estate markets. For sellers and buyers alike, the question is whether the current realty market in Berlin has reached a top and will it bottom out or will it rise still further? Indications are positive and if you wish to capitalize on current demand, get in touch with a Berlin realtor.

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