Surrey the Perfect Place for a Perfect Home

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Surrey the Perfect Place for a Perfect Home

Surrey the Perfect Place for a Perfect Home

Situated to the West of London, the ravishing beauty of Surrey’s countryside should not be missed. This place is a good choice to start a new home if you want to reside near the Capital while enjoying the benefits of the countryside.


Despite the attention it has attracted from the wealthiest people from all over the World, the area has maintained its calmness, which makes Surrey such an appealing place to live. Even though it hosts people who were originally from Russia to South Africa, from the United States to China, Surrey has always maintained its innocence.

With the Wentworth Estate, Windsor, Ascot, Sunningdale and Windlesham just around the corner, it is a constant effort for the government to keep the area as peaceful as it has always been.

Although Surrey is just a small county, it also has a big reputation due to the very low levels of crime in the area.

Location, Location, Location

Being just a stone’s throw away, Surrey residents have easy access to everything that London and Oxford offer.

It also has access to a wide variety of good schools; ranging from the state schools to well-known international schools, such as TASIS and ACS International.

The M25 which runs all the way south provides easy transportation for the commuters. It has also a cluster of quality boutiques and stores that will satisfy your shopping needs.


Although golf is known in Surrey because of the Wentworth golf club, there are a range of other sports Surrey offers to sports enthusiasts as well. From horse racing to tennis, from world-renowned polo to Olympic road cycling, Surrey offers a wide range.

Fine Dining

The dining experience in Surrey is fine dining at its best. Penny Hill Park, Sushi Nara, The Tudor Room, All Seasons Restaurant are just a few to name amongst many restaurants that offer affordable but memorable cuisines even though most people would willingly pay that little bit extra just to experience the dining in this prestigious area.

Surrey might not be a place for everybody due to the affordability of the houses in the area. However, living in Surrey is seen as a special and proud experience for people nowadays due to its outstanding reputation. The community is perfect for the elite, where royals and billionaires come together and enjoy the amenities to the full extent. Through the years the community has embraced the spotlight that Surrey has to offer.

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