The Relation Between Higher Productivity and Work Space

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The Relation Between Higher Productivity and Work Space

The Relation Between Higher Productivity and Work Space

Most companies have now come to realise that their employees are the real drivers of growth. Therefore it is of prime importance that proper consideration be given to factors that improve employee’ performance. In 2013, Google invested 1 billion pounds in its Kings Cross Office near London, UK, focusing on work place ambiance. Cadbury, a well known brand, had built their office in Mayfair with particular emphasis on work space ambiance for its employees resulting in great employee satisfaction and improved work productivity.

How Workplace Affects Employee Productivity?
A number of research studies have proven that there are certain elements in the work place that are correlated to employee productivity.

1. Natural Lighting: It has been proven by research that artificial light creates drowsiness and tardiness in a workplace. Those employees who work in offices with ample arrangement of natural light tend to be more productive in their work.

2. Work Noise: Various Studies have found that employees who are subjected to work place noise are less able to concentrate on their tasks at hand which negatively affect their performance. Companies that have built their offices in Mayfair, Kings Cross, and Paddington near London have done so to get away from the noisy streets of Central London to a more quiet and serene location.

3. Optimum Temperature: Research done by Cornell University found that workplace temperatures have a direct impact on employee productivity.

4. Location: Besides work place ambiance, location also has a positive impact on employee productivity. Google’s Kings Cross office is the best example in this regard. The Kings Cross Office is located very near to London commercial area but having marginally lower rent cost. Similarly offices in Mayfair, though rather expensive, are also ideally located as the area boasts such convenience for employees like hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and the like.

In this era of cutthroat competition, it is not just enough to focus on the kind of products and/or services provided to the consumer. Google’s planned King Cross Office in UK and Cadbury’s office in Mayfair clearly shows that in order to grow and gain market it is essential for a company to outcompete and outsmart its competitors through high employee productivity. Emphasizing on work space design and ambiance is a great way to improve organisational and employee performance.

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