Wanting to Winter in Florida and Yet Keep Our Home Up North

Written by Mark Hoppus

We desperately wanted a winter home. That kind of luxury is a privilege for some, but it was becoming a necessity for us due to the cold winters we have. Our family and ties were up north, but the winters were really working on us. We could not afford to buy and maintain a separate house to live in down in Florida, so we looked for apartments for rent in South Tampa instead. We wanted to find a nice place that we could work into our budget if we cut some corners. There are places you can rent temporarily for this kind of thing, but we wanted to keep a place year round.

The places you can rent for a few months at a time are kind of high in rent. We would rather take the money to keep a place year round. Also, we wanted our own stuff in the apartment. We wanted our own bed that no one else would be sleeping in. Plus, we wanted a pet-friendly apartment in South Tampa that also had a dog park. We were not going anywhere without our dog. She is family to us. In looking for apartments for rent in South Tampa, we found a place that was really nice. When we looked at the costs for renting a home for just a few months or keeping a place year round, we were able to afford a luxury apartment.

We have found that we are staying longer and longer in Florida. It is not that far by plane to visit up north, and we are considering selling our house and just staying in the apartment year round. We are not sure what we are going to do yet. The house up north needs the grass cut and other things in the summer, so we go up there then. In the winter, it doesn’t need anything except the heat left on. That is when we are enjoying the Tampa weather and sunshine. The cold is too much for us, and that is why we keep our place in Tampa. And the summers in Florida are not that bad even when it is really hot. I prefer that to the snow!

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