When is the Best Season to Sell Your House?

Written by oraisoopoopo

Before you put up your home in the market and get it listed in real estate listings in Edmonton, you may want to consider first if it’s the right time to sell. The busiest buying and selling period is during the spring and summer months. It’s better to sell during a peak season and compete with more sellers.

Here are some of the more compelling reasons to sell your home during spring and summer:

Prices Are Higher

The difference in prices can be huge between the on and off-season for home buying. So if you want to get as much money as you can, you should hold off until the spring or summer months.

Negotiations Run More Smoothly

Bidding wars are more likely too during the spring and summer buying season. That just shows how many people are out trying to buy a new house before the school season starts. These buyers may also make fewer requests and demands for repairs. You also get potential buyers who may deal in cash so there’s no mortgage that can delay the process.

It’s trying to have lengthy negotiations and especially frustrating when the deal goes sideways. But with plenty of potential buyers then you can count a simpler process to get an agreement made. If you’re in a hurry to move out to your new place, it’s certainly convenient.

Valuations Are Higher

The appraiser who will value your home will generally use the data for comparable homes in your area. The problem with selling in the fall and winter seasons is that the data will only show the cheaper prices that are common during the real estate off-season. That can hurt your valuation.

But in the spring and summer, the data is more accurate because there are more sales going on and the prices are higher. You should put up your place for sale after a few houses in the area have already sold to give you an idea of how much you can ask for from potential buyers.

Your Home Looks Nicer in the Spring or Summer

The nicer your house seems, the more like it is to fetch a higher price and attract more buyers. You can also take the time to do your spring-cleaning first to make your house look great.

In the winter, the curb appeal isn’t there especially when the snow covers the grounds. Everything just seems bland, and so the house doesn’t seem to deserve a high price.

Sellers Can Pick the Buyers

With some sellers, it’s not all about the money. Some are sentimental enough that they don’t relish their longtime home demolished for a fancy new mansion or made over with massive renovations. They can instead favor a young family who will appreciate the house as is.

Conclusion: Sell in the Spring or Summer

It’s true that during the off season you’ll probably have more motivated buyers and they may not be as picky since there are fewer houses available for sale. But that’s not enough of an advantage, considering that you’re most likely dealing with buyers who want massive discounts. If you want to get the best price for your home, just sell in the spring and summer months. It just makes more sense!


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